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Emails have undoubtedly become one of the prime means of online communication. The availability of several email service providers (AOL, SBCGlobal, Roadrunner, BellSouth, Outlook and more) have made it easy to send and receive emails to & from users across the globe. To start, you need to create an email account by visiting the official website of any particular email client and clicking Sign up or register button.
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The provider then asks you a few details and a recovery email ID or mobile phone number to complete the registration process. You might also be asked to answer several security questions. The purpose of making you add a recovery email, mobile number, and the answers is to help you for email password reset when you forget or lose the one.

Why should you change your email password?

These are the possible situations where you are strongly recommended to change your email password:

  • When you doubt that someone has unauthorized access to your email account
  • In case you haven’t changed your email password since long (more than a year)
  • When you have forgotten your email password
  • When you realize that you have set a simple password for your email account

How to reset email password?

For your lost email password recovery, you can follow any of these three options:

  • Recovery email

Be it AOL, SBCGlobal, Roadrunner, BellSouth or Outlook, almost all email service providers ask you to provide a recovery email during the signup process. This ID can be used to recover email password. Want to know how? Check out the following instructions:

  • Visit the email login page
  • Under the sign in window, click Forget email password
  • Choose “Recovery Email” from the email password reset options
  • Enter that email ID, and click Submit
    • Make sure you have access to the provided email account
  • You will receive a password reset email. Check your inbox for the same
  • In the email, you will find a password reset link
  • Click it, and you will be asked to provide a new password
  • Confirm the same by re-typing it
  • Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password!
  • Recovery phone number

Email password reset through mobile number is almost similar to the one mentioned above. Check this out:

  • Go to the email login page and click forget email password
  • Select Recovery phone number from the options
  • Enter your phone number, and you will receive a one-time password or the guidelines to reset your email password
  • Follow the same, and you can reset your email password
  • Security Question-Answers

While creating your email account, if you have provided answers to the security questions then you might be asked to enter the same to reset email password. For this, you will be automatically prompted by a window asking you to choose particular security questions from the drop-down menu and then type the answer the same.

How to set a strong password for your email?

To avoid getting your email account hacked always keep the following tips in mind while setting up your email password:

  • Set a password that is a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers
  • Don’t use your date of birth or name as the password of your email
  • Don’t set passwords like “123456” “qwerty” “abcdefg” and more. These are easy to guess!
  • Always read password guidelines

Not to mention, never share it with anyone!

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